Don’t Just “Learn” Spanish.
Speak It.

Introducing the Spanish Hero System

Go from brand-new or barely able to hold a conversation to thinking in Spanish, speaking confidently, and over the beginner-intermediate plateau in weeks.

Imagine this scenario

You’re at a bustling street market in Barcelona. Locals are haggling, tourists are bargaining, and the sun is shining. You walk up to a vendor and, with newfound confidence, engage in a fluid conversation entirely in Spanish. No pauses, no doubts, and no need to search for words.

That’s what you get:
A system that doesn’t just teach Spanish but gets you to speak it!

You’re not alone if:

  • 👉 You’ve tried to learn Spanish multiple times but keep hitting a wall.
  • 👉 You’ve used apps that “teach” you new words and phrases, but can’t seem to use them when it comes time to speak with a native Spanish speaker.
  • 👉 You’re overwhelmed by extensive vocabulary lists, courses, books, and apps that don’t seem immediately relevant.
  • 👉 You’ve felt embarrassed or discouraged after attempting a conversation with a native speaker.

Here’s what happens…

Spanish curriculums are usually full of foundational vocabulary, grammar & sentence structures you need to learn. They cast a wide net, and do offer a lot, but they often don’t provide you with the right structure or path needed to level-up your Spanish. This approach should theoretically equip you with the necessary tools for confident conversation, but the pieces just don’t seem to connect as seamlessly or naturally they should. This is a key part of what leaves so many feeling overwhelmed and lost in the sea 🐟 of Spanish.

Most online Spanish courses typically adopt one of two methods:

  1. Over-Simplification: Some courses simplify too much, leaving gaps in vocabulary, rules, and phrases crucial for real conversation. This leaves many students feeling stagnation or regret due to the time, effort, and resources spent on such courses. I’ve even personally purchased some language courses where I felt I could find similar content might be available for free online.
  2. Information Overload: Others overload you with content but without a clear structure or path to make sense of it. While you have access to all the information, applying it becomes a challenge, akin to navigating a complex instruction manual without guidance.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Enter the Spanish Hero System…

How the Spanish Hero System Helps You Learn & Speak Fast

This is a course meticulously designed to focus on the foundational vocabulary, rules, and structures that let you dive right into speaking. We’ve trimmed the fluff and focus on what truly matters for effective, real-world communication.

Let me be clear, this is a course. But I call it a system because of the way I’ve constructed it – to feel like a simple to follow, step-by-step system for learning and immediately putting into practice what you’ve learned with confidence.

Here’s how the program does just that:

#1 – Everything you need to carry out real-world, daily conversations is included.

  • Everything from the dialogues found in the audio conversations and quizzes, to the vocabulary covered in the video lessons.
  • This course focuses on teaching you the parts of Spanish and concepts in the order of highest utility. All vocabulary, grammar concepts & structures are taught in the order and way that allows you to progress quickly and with ease. This ensures that you have a solid understanding of the key uses of what you need to learn early on so that you can build longer and richer sentences with ease as you progress through the lessons.
  • This allows you to scale up your conversations naturally in terms of vocabulary and complexity.

#2 – All the practice you need to succeed, given to you step-by-step

  • You’ll get all of the practice you need, when you need it. The 100+ quizzes and 41 audio conversation exercises will get you to apply what you’ve learned immediately and frequently throughout the course.
  • Our custom-built quiz module and gamified exercises will make it easy for you to complete the exercises assigned to each lesson. That way, you’ll feel confident with your progress, knowledge and skills as you go from one lesson module to the next.
  • At the end of each unit (a group of lessons), you will follow & complete larger audio conversation exercises and quizzes. These exercises provide spaced-repetition to help you review and internalize the knowledge gained from each unit. And of course, you’ll get the chance to apply it to real-world conversations and situations.
  • Once you’re able to follow the conversations at speed and score 100% on your exercises, you’ll feel very comfortable with the Spanish vocab, concepts and sentence structures you’ve learned as you’ll have practiced them numerous times throughout the course exercises.

#3 – Specifically designed to train all 4 critical Spanish skills

Seamlessly develop all 4 skills you need to communicate in Spanish: reading, writing, speaking & listening. It’s also designed to hit all of the brain centers by using all 3 primary learning channels: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. This is accomplished through:

  • Video lessons which visually show you the concepts, vocabulary and structures.
  • Audio conversation exercises which train your listening and speech skills.
  • Custom, gamified quizzes designed to get you reading and writing sentences in small, easy-to-understand, applicable chunks. These quizzes get you to apply what you’ve learned in each lesson and build upon previous lessons. They’re designed to offer you a fun and rewarding challenge without realizing you’re doing the “boring” work of reading or writing.

Hola, I’m Daniela Sanchez – your new Spanish teacher! 👋

I’ve been studying Spanish professionally as well as teaching it in Mexico and online for over 10 years. I’ve taught Spanish to a wide array of foreigners from many backgrounds including students, tourists, doctors, and soldiers. Over the years, I’ve made it my mission to work hard on refining my teaching method and breaking down the hard-to-understand Spanish language & grammar topics to make my students’ learning experiences easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Beyond a “Beginner’s” Course

Most online courses are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. While this course is designed for both absolute beginners and beginners who struggle to hold conversations in Spanish, it doesn’t end where other beginner’s courses do.


Most beginner’s course curriculums end before certain vital topics are covered. This puts learners at a serious disadvantage by creating crucial knowledge gaps, making it difficult for learners to progress. This usually results in what’s known as the “Beginner-Intermediate Plateau” where progress stalls.

The Spanish Hero System goes beyond that threshold, covering those final topics to help you develop the necessary skills necessary to understand Spanish at the breadth and depth to confidently speak with native speakers.

How it Works

  • Learn the 4 key skills you need to effectively speak Spanish: Read, Write, Listen & Speak.
  • Absorb new topics, rules, words, phrases & sentence structures – then apply them immediately.
  • Laser-focused on the vocabulary, verbs, structures & grammar you need and removing all of the fluff that just serves as distraction in the critical first steps of becoming conversational in Spanish.
  • Solidify your newly-gained knowledge with fun, easy to follow exercises that get you to read without knowing it, write short, meaningful sentences, practice concepts, listen & speak in engaging dialogues.
  • Take the guesswork out of review by following the lessons and exercises which use spaced-repetition to reinforce previously learned vocabulary and rules. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice them with the exercises included. This helps think in Spanish, improve your recall speed for when you’re speaking Spanish & commit what you’ve learned to your long-term memory.
  • Learn, Do & Think in Spanish simply by progressing from one lesson to the next and completing the gamified and application-based exercises assigned along the way.

What’s Included

  • 33 carefully crafted lessons – learn the necessary rules, vocab & structures to form sentences and hold a conversation with native Spanish speakers.
    • Broken up into 5 units with 28 core lessons & 5 “Real World” units where you apply each unit’s topics into deep dive quizzes, listening & speaking exercises.
  • 41 Audio exercise drills – take what you’ve learned and use it in real-world conversations that get you speaking quickly, efficiently and thinking in Spanish.
  • Tons of practice with over 120 quizzes and 1,500+ questions. But don’t worry, you’ll get them in manageable chunks designed to apply and internalize what you’ve learned.
  • Downloadable Audio exercises & PDFs so you can learn offline when you don’t have internet access.
  • Lifetime access to the platform & all updates – no monthly or annual fees. I want you to get a return on your investment as quickly as possible. So, I’ve made this a one-time, upfront fee to reflect my incentive alignment with yours – to get you learning, applying & speaking as  quickly as possible. Not by hooking you into a recurring subscription. With that said, I understand you will want to review certain topics at your own pace and convenience. So, you’ll always have access to the course!

Exclusive Bonuses

Included when you enroll in the course.

Bonus #1 ($49 value)

Verb Conjugation Gym

Master over 250+ of the most common Spanish verbs. Practice every tense, from beginner to advanced, setting a solid foundation for fluent conversations.

Bonus #2 ($19 value)

Parts of Speech & Verb Expression Guides

Ditch the tedious grammar drills. Discover the 80/20 of Spanish grammar and understand the backbone of every Spanish phrase, making learning faster and more intuitive.

Bonus #3 ($29 value)

Rolling R’s Revolution Training

Unlock the native speaker’s secret to the perfect rolled R. Say goodbye to awkward tongue-twisting and hello to confident pronunciation.

Limited Time Offer: Early Bird Special

We believe in the power of our system, and we want to get it into the hands of passionate learners like you.

So, in total, when you enroll, you get:

  • Spanish Hero System (Level 1) – Complete Course:
    • $297
  • Parts of Speech & Verb Expression Guides:
    • $19
    • FREE
  • Verb Conjugation Gym:
    • $49
    • FREE
  • Rolling R’s Revolution:
    • $29
    • FREE

Total Value: $394.00

  • $297.00

But act fast. Once the early bird event ends, prices are going up.

Zero-Risk, 60-Day
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your investment is risk-free. If you feel the Spanish Hero System isn’t right for you, contact us within 60 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Spanish Hero System cost?

The Spanish Hero System is priced at $297. This includes all of the lesson, exercises and other learning materials mentioned as part of the course on this page.

How long do I get access for?

You get lifetime access. Additionally, you’ll also get all future updates to the course for free going forward.

Is this a 1-time payment or a subscription course?

The course is a one-time payment. There are no monthly or annual subscription fees. Once you’ve bought it, you’ll receive lifetime access.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, the course can be accessed by any common desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device such as your Android phone or iPhone. The course is hosted online so you can access it through your device’s web browser.

Which type of Spanish is taught in the course?

This course teaches you standard Spanish. With the odd exception, both Castilian and Latin American Spanish are the same structurally and in terms of grammar. Once you’ve learned how to speak Spanish with the course, it will be easy for you to add new vocabulary for whichever dialect you’re using.

For those few grammar exceptions and any differences vocabulary used in the course, don’t worry. I’ll point out the differences as we go through the course together. I’ll give you notes on what to practice in certain exercises if you want to focus on one dialect or the other. I’ve also included ‘vosotros’ conjugations in all of the verb conjugation quizzes for Castilian Spanish learners and have made it optional for those of you learning Latin American Spanish.

What level of Spanish does this course cover?

The Spanish Hero System is designed for beginners or those with basic Spanish, but who still aren’t able to hold a conversation in Spanish. However, it also goes beyond typical beginner courses.

We focus on practical application, enabling you to confidently use Spanish in daily life. While starting at the beginner level, our course also covers crucial intermediate structures like the present perfect, imperative, and subjunctive, key for real-world conversations. This approach ensures you’re well-equipped not just to understand Spanish, but to actively speak it in various situations.

How long does it take to complete the course?

This course is made up of 33 lessons, over 120 quizzes and 41 audio conversation exercises.

If you completed 1 audio conversation a day along with 3-4 quizzes and a lesson (if needed) then it would take you 41 days or 6 weeks to complete the course. In terms of time, this would take you about an hour per day to complete a lesson and its assigned exercises. If you spent half an hour per day, it would take about 12 weeks to complete.

Can I study at my own pace?

Absolutely! It’s recommended that you invest at least 30 minutes per day into the course and optimally 1 hour. However, we understand that we all get busy and you might only be able to use this a couple days a week. You can study at your own pace and that’s totally fine.

If you do decide to space it out, we recommend spending some extra time on the exercises so that you can refresh your memory on previously learned concepts.

What “fluff” did you leave out? Am I missing anything?

In our course, we haven’t omitted any crucial elements; instead, we’ve streamlined the learning process. Our focus is on the key vocabulary, sentences, and structures essential for excelling in conversational Spanish. We’ve consciously eliminated the ‘fluff’ – that is, teaching an overload of new words and phrases that aren’t immediately useful in real-world conversations.

This approach ensures that you’re not burdened with situational or highly specific vocabulary that can distract and overwhelm when you’re in the crucial stages of becoming conversationally fluent. Our aim is to equip you with the most relevant and practical language skills for real-life communication, making your learning journey both efficient and effective.

Am I still going to learn enough new words & vocabulary?

Absolutely! While our course is designed to avoid overwhelming you with excessive and less immediately useful vocabulary, you’ll definitely be learning a robust and practical range of new words and phrases.

With over 93,000 Spanish words observed by the Royal Spanish Academy, only about 2,000 make up 80% of usage in daily conversations1. That’s primarily what this course focuses on. We ensure that the vocabulary you learn is not only foundational but also highly relevant for everyday use. This means you’ll acquire the language skills that are most effective for real-world conversations.

Our goal is to provide you with a strong core vocabulary that serves as a solid base, enabling you to confidently engage in a variety of common speaking scenarios. As your proficiency grows, you’ll find it increasingly easy to expand your vocabulary naturally and effortlessly. And because of how the Spanish Hero System has been designed, you should find it easier to pick up new vocabulary as you need it once you’ve completed the course and are able to hold conversations with natives on your own.

1 – Diccionario de la lengua española, Real Academia Española, 2019

Have other questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at and we would be happy to help answers any questions you have before purchasing 🙂

Ready to Speak Spanish Confidently?

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Remember, learning is a journey. With the Spanish Hero System, that journey leads you straight to confident conversations. Don’t Just Learn Spanish… Speak it!